• Thank you for reviewing my album “Your Star”. I studied piano at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music many years ago. I haven’t touched the piano for approximately forty years. After our sixteen year old daughter passed away eight years ago I found solace in music and song writing. This collection has taken four years to come together with the help of various artists which include Cam and Taylor Henderson, Tara-Lynn Sharrock, Ros Pollard and Rebecca Barnard and The Models Super Orchestra.  Recorded by Michael Gerrish at Starmist Studio. The songs are all different but you will find a familiar message of loss and love.  The songs are written from the heart and take the listener on a journey of memory dedicated to those whom we have lost. As you listen to this CD please remember someone as precious to you as Gabby was to me.
  • Vocals - Tara-Lynn Sharrock Piano - Patrice Larkin Guitar & Drums - Michael Gerrish Music & Lyrics by Patricia Larkin Recorded at Starmist Studios
  • The Story Behind The Song: Gabby Patrice Larkin 19/02/93 to 04/06/09 Our beautiful daughter and always our dear little girl. Died from an extremely rare aggressive cancer. CD Music & Lyrics - Mum - Patrice Larkin, Made possible by Dad - Phil Larkin, Lead Vocal - Rebecca Barnard, Drums - Cql McAlpine, Bass - Mark Ferrie, Lead Guitar/Harmony - Billy Miller, Rhythm Guitar/Harmony - Sean Kelly, Piano/Harmony - Andrew Duffield, Trumpet/Harmony - Jack Howard, Engineer-Mixer - Robin Mai, Arranged & Produced by Jack Howard, Recorded at Woodstock Studios, Cover Design - Phil & Patrice Larkin & Chris Shanley. DVD Produced & Directed by Paul Ammitzbol. Special Thanks to Jack Howard, Rebecca Barnard, Cal McAlpine, Mark Ferrie, Billy Miller, Sean Kelly, Andrew Duffield, Robin Mai, George Colosimo & Victoria Ballie.
    1. Fairies
    2. Rainbows
    3. A Dream
    Vocals - Ros Pollard Keyboard- Patrice Larkin-Ball Guitar - Michael Gerrisk Music & Lyrics by Patrice Larkin-Ball Cover Design - Cameron McColl & Patrice Larkin-Ball Recorded by Michael Gerrish at Starmist Studio Proceeds to Make A Wish Australia®